For a long time people have thought excessively messy houses was just the result of laziness, gluttony or a lack of self-discipline. Nowadays, psychiatric study has revealed that ‘compulsive hoarding’ is a cognitive issue that many people suffer with and need help to overcome.  It is now considered an obsessive compulsive disorder that causes people to collect things in their home even when it has a demonstrable negative effect on their well-being.

If your home looks more like a landfill, then perhaps you could benefit from hoarding help in Sydney. It can be hard for a non-expert to diagnose themselves with this condition, so you should always consult a psychiatrist before making any quick judgements.

Because of entrenched stigmas around mental illness, many people who qualify for hoarding help in Sydney will shy away from talking about their problem, even with people close to them. It’s important that people don’t feel ashamed of their problem and are unafraid to ask for hoarding help in Sydney.

Let’s take a look at 5 signs you might need hoarding help in Sydney.


1.     Chronic disorganisation

This means that your condition is starting impede your ability to function efficiently as a person. If you routinely can’t find your car keys, your wallet or your phone, then it’s a sign you might need hoarding help in Sydney.

You shouldn’t be chronically delayed every time you leave the house because you always need to rummage through junk to find things. While a lot of people claim to be chronically disorganised, this goes a step further as it is having a profound negative affect on your ability to carry out daily activities.


2.     Afraid to invite guests over

If you are totally unwilling to allow guests into your home because of how embarrassed you are by the mess, it’s a sign you need hoarding help in Sydney. This is similar to chronic disorganisation, except that it’s affecting your ability to socialise and maintain important relationships.

Many sufferers of this condition can end up feeling incredibly isolated by their embarrassment and shame. Even when you are brave enough to let someone in, you become incredibly anxious if they make any comments regarding the state of the mess.

If you are actively trying to hide your clutter from people for fear of embarrassment, then it’s a sign you could benefit from hoarding help in Sydney.


3.     Blind to the clutter

Another sign you may need hoarding help in Sydney is when you’re in total denial of the mess that’s in front of you. You begin to rationalise and play word games to try and convince yourself that you don’t have a problem and that your home looks fine.

When you start hearing contradictory opinions from multiple people you trust, then it’s time to rethink your situation.


4.     Distressed about your belongings

It can be fun to collect things, but if you begin to run out of space for them and become visibly distressed by it, it’s a sign you need hoarding help in Sydney. There’s a line between healthy, happy collecting and obsessive compulsive collecting that you don’t even really enjoy.


5.     Compulsive buying and acquiring

One of the most obvious signs you need hoarding help in Sydney is when you are simply bringing home too much stuff. This may be because you’re physically shopping for it, ordering it online, or just collecting free things from the side of the road.

While there’s nothing wrong with shopping or collecting things, it becomes a problem when you pick things up just for the sake of it or because you may have some kind of use for it in the future. This explains the behaviour of people who collect broken appliances with delusions of fixing and reselling them.