We all like to think we run a tight ship at home. All domestic duties are carried out in good time and the house for the most part is kept clean and organised. That’s what we like to think, but what’s the reality? Most of the time, we’re a combination of tired, busy or lazy, and nothing gets done. What are the worst habits that we all have when it comes to keeping our homes clean

Not washing the dishes

Most of us want to clean as we cook , but sometimes it’s just difficult. After an especially long preparation time, cleaning is the last thing on our minds so we leave some dishes until the next day. Not only does it make the kitchen look messy, dirty dishes are a breeding ground for bacteria, so make a promise to clean as you go.

Not replacing sheets

Sheets and pillow cases need to be washed at least once a week. Towels even more often. Otherwise you’re just lying or drying in your own filth.

Not cleaning your vegetables

Before you start chopping, rinse off any vegetables you’ll be eating. Sure the bacteria will be killed as you cook but you’ll be cleaning any harmful agents used while growing them.

Using a toothbrush for too long

Rinsing off your toothbrush with water doesn’t kill bacteria, so using and re-using for months on end probably isn’t the best idea. Replace your toothbrush every three months

Using a sponge

Sponges hold on to bacteria so use a brush instead. Using a sponge to wash the dishes and then wipe down the counters is a no go, while keeping said sponge for over a week is insanity


It’s a common practice, when you’re rushing to clean up, you stuff random objects into random drawers and forget about them. Then when the next monthly clean comes around the same thing happens. Eventually you have drawers upon drawers of random stuff you don’t need. Instead, don’t rush when cleaning up and you throw out the things you don’t use or need.

Leaving clothes sitting

After putting on a load in the washing machine, it’s easy to forget about it. Hours later you take out the wet clothes and they smell. Set an alarm the next time to save re-doing your washing.

Not end-of-the-world bad habits, but seven that, if stopped, can make your home a much cleaner one to live in.