More often than we like, our bedrooms descend into chaos. Getting ready quickly one evening to go out and you leave a few clothes on the floor. The next day, you’re too tired to clean up the mess and before you know it, a few days have passed, a few more clothes have made their way onto the floor and you’re finding it hard to know which are clean and which are dirty.

You eventually clean up and vow to yourself that a mess on that scale will never be seen again. The next weekend rolls around and by the end of it an even bigger pile has developed. Back to square one. With that in mind, here are some tips to keep your bedroom free from both clutter and clothes on the floor.

Use a hamper

Instead of making a pile on the floor, buy a hamper and put it in the corner. If you’re too lazy to put them away, throw your clothes in the hamper. It will clear up some much-needed walking space and make your room seem cleaner already.

Make your bed

With the clothes problem sorted, you can move on to improving every other aspect of your room. After you wake up, make your bed. It will give you a small feeling of accomplishment as you begin your day and will give your bedroom a neater appearance.

Storage containers

De-clutter your room with the use of containers. Buy some that will fit under your bed or at the top of your closet. Take out the clothes you won’t be wearing for the next few colder months and store them away. It will free up space and save time when your searching for what to wear, as your rush to get ready.

Keep surfaces free

Instead of opening a drawer, it’s easier to just leave everything on top of your bedside table or chest of drawers. Resist the temptation, only keep a limited amount of your belongings on top of these surfaces. You can leave out only what you will be using every day. To help with this, keep drawers organised and tidy, making sure everything has a specific place, and commit to putting everything away as you go.

Following these steps, the days of floors covered in clothes and untidy closets will be a thing of the past. You’ll be a changed person before you know it.