It’s happened countless times but most of us don’t really know what to do. You’re enjoying your dinner and then a stray flick of your arm and the night takes a quick turn for the worse as red wine spills everywhere, all over your white clothes as well as the beige tablecloth. Nearly as soon as the wine hits the fabric, guests all around the table are spitting out suggestions as if their lives depend on it, soak this, rub that etc. But what really works? Here are some proven ways to get rid of that unwanted stain and move on with your life.

Stain remover

Let’s start with the simplest solution. At the end of the dinner, go to your room, change clothes. Then walk down to where the washing detergent is. Take the stain remover, put it on the stain. Open the door of the washing machine, put in the dirty clothes and tablecloth, close the door and press the start button. Within 2 hours the stain will be gone.


Most tables have salt and pepper on them, so this solution is perfect. Cover the stain with salt until the red can’t be seen anymore. The salt should dissolve into the stain and when to does it, your dress, shirt, tablecloth should be as good as new.

Boiling Water

If the salt trick doesn’t work, you can go into the kitchen and boil some water. Then take the fabric and stretch it over a glass bowl making sure it is held tight. Pour the boiling water through the stain from around 30 centimetres away and it should wash out

Soda Water

Pouring soda water over the stain has been known to work. If not, adding salt to this solution will do the trick.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide with dishwashing liquid is also a sure way to remove any red stain. There is no need to rub the stain away with this solution. You can leave the mixture to sit on the stain and within a few hours, the red will gradually disappear. If not, keep adding more of the solution and you will begin to notice a difference.

Next time, the inevitable spill happens, there’ll be no need to panic. Salt should be at hand and if not any of the solutions mentioned will be able to solve your problem, no matter if the stain just happened or has been sitting for a week.