When the time comes around to clean the house, there is little better than the satisfaction of cleaning a surface, turning the cloth over and seeing how much dirt you had collected. The longer it’s gone uncleaned, the more satisfying the feeling and if there’s a bit of dirt left over, you can go back and remove it. Job done.

It’s a pity the same can’t be said for cleaning mirrors or glass. No matter how hard you try, there’s always lines left over from the water or cleaning agent used, or there are pieces of dust clinging for life to the surface. There’s no satisfaction in cleaning a mirror, that is unless you follow the instructions below to achieve a perfectly clean mirror or glass surface.

Step 1

Your first mistake could have been that you were using just water, this won’t do the job to the standards you want. Vinegar will make your life a lot easier, or if you don’t have vinegar, lime juice can be just as effective. Make a solution mixing vinegar and warm water at a ratio of 1:4. Pour this into a spray bottle and using either a piece of newspaper / paper coffee filters / a microfibre cloth, spread the mixture on the window or mirror. Alternatively, the solution can be sprayed directly onto the glass or mirrors and then spread.

Step 2

Now concentrate on your motion. First, rub the surface in circular motions then vertical and after that horizontal. You want any spots to have disappeared by now and the glass should look nice and shiny. There should be have no annoying lines or small pieces of dust sticking to the window.

Step 3

If you are happy with the central parts of the glass but want to get the dirt out of the corners, you’ll need something small like a soft toothbrush which should get out any pieces of dirt that were previously hard to reach.

If there are streaks running along the mirror and you aren’t especially happy with the job you’ve done, invest in a blackboard cleaner like you used back in your school days, this should remove any imperfections.

All your window or mirror cleaning problems have been solved, the satisfaction for wiping the dust from a countertop will now be matched when cleaning glass, a day you never thought would come.