The kitchen, probably the most important room in the house, is also the most likely to make you sick. The haven for all things food, whether getting up in the morning, coming in from a long day at work or going in just before bed, the kitchen is the room we love to visit. Because we love it so much and it’s where we store, cook and eat our food, it’s vitally important that we keep it clean from bacteria. But besides preventing the spread of bacteria, what are other reasons for keeping the kitchen clean and tidy?

Longer life appliances

Keeping your appliances clean and running smoothly is essential for all your cooking needs. Whether it’s the fridge, microwave, or oven, it’s important to clean them regularly. Food stuffs can get into different parts and limit performance. Any underperformance will result in more money spent on energy and a shorter life for the appliance.

Peace of mind

Nobody wants a dirty kitchen knowing that you’ll be cooking and eating your meals there. Having pots and pans stack up beside the sink or leaving a dishwasher unemptied can annoy even the most mild-mannered people, so much so that arguments start countrywide over whose turn it is to clean the kitchen both at home and in the workplace. A clean kitchen can be the difference between bacteria spreading or not, but just having a tidy kitchen is something to be admired too.


When it comes to time to cook, there is nothing worse than having to search through the cupboards for a clean pan and clean cutlery.  You’re rushing to cook the dinner in the first place, so to wash up and then start cooking was not part of plan. When you finish preparing and cooking, make sure you clean up after yourself making it easy for you or whoever is following you to cook too.

Finding food

Having a clean and organised kitchen will ensure you’ll be able to find all the food that you bought on your weekly shop. For the food in cupboard, it best to always keep them in the same place. Keeping order in your kitchen will mean that you don’t over buy anything, and you’ll know exactly what you need to stock up on when the time comes.

Keeping your kitchen clean and bacteria free is essential for food safety but for sanity, keeping it organised is too.