Keeping insects and other creepy crawlies out of your house is a year-long problem, whether its hot outside or cold with torrential rain, different insects find their way into your house through windows, cracks in the floor or under doorways. So, what is the best way to make sure your house stays bug free all year long?

Keep it clean

Cleanliness is key to keeping bugs out of your house especially the kitchen area. Fly’s and cockroaches love to hang around any uncovered food or even areas with old crumbs about. Make sure you clean down counters at the end of the day and brush the floor. As well as this, standing water can attract unwanted bugs too so make sure around the sink is dry. Bins should be completely covered too so insects can’t get in.

Covering openings

Openings around your house can let unwanted creatures into your living space. Make sure to cover any gaps between the carpet and wall or space underneath doors to the outside. Slugs can find their way through the smallest of gaps so be sure to block any possible entrance especially if there are areas of soil close to your windows.


If mosquitos or other flying insects are a problem during the summer months, invest in some screens on the outside of your windows. These allow you to let fresh air in but that’s it, mosquitos will need to find another entrance. They also like to come in through drains so cover them with paper when not in use and keep doorways closed.

Store food

When you put away that half empty pack of cookies or crisps close them tightly. Cockroaches love the prospect of open food packets so if it doesn’t have a lid, use some clothes pegs to keep any unwanted bugs away.

Insect repellent

If you feel that precautionary methods aren’t working and that the problem is too big, go to your local supermarket and you’ll find all sorts of bug killers. Ranging from traps to sprays, you can find what you need. Spray for your skin is effective in warding off mosquitos while traps can cure your cockroach problem within a few days.

If you are battling against an infestation of any kind and have tried everything to stop it, it may be time for the professionals to step in and save the day.