If you feel like you’ve got a few too many belongings for your living space, storage wyong could be the ideal solution. While there are some things, such as guns, chemicals and plants, that should never be kept in any type of facility, there are plenty of items that take up space in your home that you can keep elsewhere to make your home feel larger. That’s why today we’re looking at seven things you should keep in storage wyong:

Boat Or Caravan

If you have a boat or caravan, chances are you aren’t using it daily. This means it’s simply sitting in your garage or driveway taking up space most of the time. The good news is that many facilities have space for these large items leaving you with a lot more room at home.

Sporting Equipment

If you have sporting equipment that you don’t use regularly, keeping it in storage wyong is an ideal space saving solution. This obviously isn’t ideal for smaller items or uniforms that you’ll need on a weekly basis, but anything bulky that doesn’t see use at least once a fortnight could happily be stored somewhere other than your home.

Camping Gear

Storage Wyong

By the same token, camping gear that sees little use can also be moved to storage wyong to free up space in your home. Unless you’re going camping every weekend, you probably don’t need your tents, kayaks and more adding clutter to your garage so keeping them in a secure facility is a good option.

Stock For Your Business

Run your own small business from home and are running out space to keep stock but can’t justify a warehouse just yet? Why not keep it in storage wyong? This is also a great idea for those who struggle to separate their business from their home life due to the shared location and means you’ll always know where stock is. Plus, if you don’t have enough stock to fill your unit, you’ve just scored yourself some extra work space without having to take over another room of your home.


Love playing music but don’t have the space for all your instruments in your house? Or perhaps your neighbours don’t appreciate you playing drums all the time? Move your instruments to storage wyong and reclaim the space they were occupying within your home. Bonus points here if you then turn your unit into a little studio that you can relax and record in if that’s your thing.

Seasonal Decorations

A lot of us love to go all out when decorating our homes for seasonal events such as Christmas and Halloween. Unfortunately, decorations are often just as bulky as they are expensive and finding somewhere to keep them for the other eleven months of the year can be a struggle. Relocate these goodies to storage wyong however, and you’ve just saved yourself a ton of space (and cash if you’re the type to throw them out and replace them each year so you don’t have to find somewhere to keep them).

Books And Paperwork

Finally, unused books and paperwork that you need to keep but don’t necessarily have to have 24/7 access to will be quite happy living in storage wyong. This leaves you space for the things you actually do need to have easily at hand and often allows for better organisation as your documents are no longer simply shoved in a closet.

So there you have it, seven things to get out of your home, and into storage wyong so you can enjoy some extra space this year.