For those households with carpet, there is an eternal battle keeping it clean. Experts at hanging onto dirt and microbes, as well as fur from pets, carpets are notoriously hard to clean. If you want it to be done thoroughly, it’s best to call in professionals to do their best. Having said that, there are some household remedies that can remove stains and odours, and have you carpet that little bit healthier looking.

General cleaning

For a general cleaning of your carpet, carpet shampoo’s and powders are very effective. Cover the carpet with either the powder or the water-based shampoo solution you can leave overnight. This will allow time for stains to be removed as well as any odours. Once that is done you can vacuum it up the next morning and be treated to what will seem like a brand-new carpet.


First things first, when you see a stain don’t panic and think rubbing it vigorously will make it disappear, it won’t. This will just make it worse. Instead, use a cleaning agent, and from the outside to in, dab at it and the stain will be absorbed. There are many different solutions that can get the stain out. Spraying vinegar and water, using shaving foam, or baking soda are all known to work.

For stains created by gum, simply freeze the gum using ice and then pick it off the carpet while it is frozen.  While hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove any blood stains that happen to fall.


Odours can stay in a carpet from food or drink spills but there are many solutions to remove a foul smell from stinking up your living room. Baking soda is well known as a useful odour removal solution. If left on the carpet for a few days and then vacuumed up. it should leave the carpet smelling like new. For any deep odours that may have soaked through the carpet, cleaning alcohol will need to be used. Left for 15 minutes, it should remove the smell, after which you can begin to dry it with a towel, or a fan if you want it to dry quickly.

Whether created from food, drink, pets or walking through the house with muddy shoes, it’s hoped that these carpet cleaning solutions will help remove the evidence of any unwanted stains and leave it looking as if it was bought yesterday.