“Can’t someone else do it?” Homer Simpsons infamous campaign slogan as he ran for sanitation commissioner of his hometown Springfield. A slogan that got him elected but ended in the destruction of the town and an eventual city move to a few miles down the road. It’s easy to see why it worked for Homer, and when it comes to cleaning our houses it’s a slogan that a lot of us live by.

In the UK, one in three households employ a cleaner, while the Telegraph reported that over 1 million more people used a domestic cleaner than in the 90’s. The benefits are clear, employing a cleaner to give your house a temporary face life will save you time and hopefully do a better job that you would have. So, what should we keep in mind when employing a cleaner?


First things first, when the cleaner arrives, give them a tour of the house, making sure they know all the rooms you’ll be asking them to clean. They don’t want to feel like a lost puppy so the clearer the instructions the better. Tell them what rooms you want cleaned, and how you expect it to be cleaned. You don’t want to be disappointed with the result, so the more detailed the instructions the better.

No need to watch

Some house owners feel the need to stay in the house or even watch cleaners as they go about their business. This isn’t the first time your cleaner has cleaned a house so leave them to it. Talking to them will slow them down, while they’ll tend to go slower if they are watched, as they work their way through the rooms.

Providing products

Make sure you decide before the visit who will be providing the cleaning products. Don’t just presume they will bring their own or that you are expected to provide them. Some cleaners use their own as they know what will do an effective job. Also ensure they know what products need to be used on what surfaces. You don’t want to arrive home and find they have washed the wood flooring with water.

Some also like to do some pre-cleaning before the cleaner arrives, which may seem like an odd idea but could save you some money as the cleaners works their way through your house quicker. One thing is for sure, living by Homer’s slogan won’t be as catastrophic as it was for him.