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Getting that perfectly clean mirror

When the time comes around to clean the house, there is little better than the satisfaction of cleaning a surface, turning the cloth over and seeing how much dirt you had collected. The longer it’s gone uncleaned, the more satisfying the feeling and if there’s a bit of dirt left over, you can go back […]

Keeping insects away

Keeping insects and other creepy crawlies out of your house is a year-long problem, whether its hot outside or cold with torrential rain, different insects find their way into your house through windows, cracks in the floor or under doorways. So, what is the best way to make sure your house stays bug free all […]

Keeping a kitchen clean

The kitchen, probably the most important room in the house, is also the most likely to make you sick. The haven for all things food, whether getting up in the morning, coming in from a long day at work or going in just before bed, the kitchen is the room we love to visit. Because […]

Too clean for children?

We all like to keep our house and living space clean. Hoovering once a week and wiping down the surfaces in the kitchen each day are common practice but is there such a thing as cleaning too much Can we essentially kill all the germs in our house’s and leave ourselves, especially younger children, more […]

Get the cleaners in

“Can’t someone else do it?” Homer Simpsons infamous campaign slogan as he ran for sanitation commissioner of his hometown Springfield. A slogan that got him elected but ended in the destruction of the town and an eventual city move to a few miles down the road. It’s easy to see why it worked for Homer, […]

A chaos-free bedroom

More often than we like, our bedrooms descend into chaos. Getting ready quickly one evening to go out and you leave a few clothes on the floor. The next day, you’re too tired to clean up the mess and before you know it, a few days have passed, a few more clothes have made their […]

Dealing with a red wine stain

It’s happened countless times but most of us don’t really know what to do. You’re enjoying your dinner and then a stray flick of your arm and the night takes a quick turn for the worse as red wine spills everywhere, all over your white clothes as well as the beige tablecloth. Nearly as soon […]

7 bad habits to stop

We all like to think we run a tight ship at home. All domestic duties are carried out in good time and the house for the most part is kept clean and organised. That’s what we like to think, but what’s the reality? Most of the time, we’re a combination of tired, busy or lazy, […]